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Group Therapy

Group therapy, alone or in addition to individual mental and behavioral health therapy, can be of great benefit.


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Fort Myers Metro Therapy & Psychiatry Clinic

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Cape Coral Therapy & Psychiatry Clinic

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What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a therapeutic group that focuses on a specific issue or topic and whose participants experience the same or similar mental health conditions or life-changing situations. As a member of group therapy, you may benefit from discussing your story in a group setting where a licensed clinical therapist provides guidance in the discussion, pointing out highlights and offering tips and tools for members of the group to consider. The therapist ensures that everyone stays focused on the main topic of the session, and that everything said is as compassionate, positive, and productive as possible. Our group therapy program provides a safe space for you to discuss challenges related to depression, anxiety, and relationship issues.

How does Group Therapy work?

Groups meet on a regular basis, and participants may change over time, or even from session to session. Members of the group share their experiences and offer encouragement and support to each other, while maintaining each other’s privacy. This anonymity contributes to the safe atmosphere of group therapy.

Can Group Therapy help me?

Group therapy can be an effective and affordable alternative to individual therapy, or it can be a supplement to individual therapy. Hearing how others have coped with experiences you may be having is encouraging. As a group member, you’ll have the ability to relate with other individuals who experience something similar and offer hope to others. You can approach group therapy in a manner that suits you best: if you are naturally a verbal person, you might enjoy sharing your story; if you are more comfortable just listening, you can quietly benefit from the experiences of the other group members.

What can I expect from Group Therapy?

Our group therapy program is currently offered virtually by licensed clinical social worker Charity Garcia, with three groups meeting via Zoom on a weekly basis. You may participate in one, two, or all three groups, depending on your needs. 

In our Coping with Anxiety group, you will acquire skills to improve your daily life. Our Relationships & Communication group recognizes that all relationships can be impacted by our mental health. This group therapy program focuses on how to improve communication when one or more members in a relationship or a family have been diagnosed with a mental illness. In our Mood & Depression virtual therapy group you can feel safe sharing your experiences with depression and depression symptoms associated with other mental illnesses. You will learn how to make positive changes and can offer to support to others who have similar experiences. 

To participate in these groups, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be an adult diagnosed with the appropriate condition related to the group topic
  • Live in Florida at least 6 months out of the year
  • Have an internet connection and a compatible device

Group therapy allows us to create a safe, collaborative space where we are able to address the needs of multiple patients, discuss specific issues related to mental health, and provide tools and resources for our patients to live the best life they can possibly live.

Charity Garcia, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Group Therapy Leader

Weekly Groups

Guided Pathways: Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services

We offer in-person psychosocial group therapy at our Fort Myers-Metro office. Guided Pathways: Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services is the only psychosocial program in the area. This in-person group therapy program is designed to meet the psycho-educational, life skills training, relationship building, and recreational needs of clients with chronic mental illness. Groups will be therapeutic, creative, and designed to engage and help a diverse population. You will play a role in setting goals for what you hope to accomplish, based on your specific needs or concerns. Guided Pathways builds upon your assessed strengths.

Course Schedule:
Morning Group: 9:30am-1:30pm
Afternoon Group: 1:30pm-4:30pm

To participate in Guided Pathways, you must:

  • Be an adult age 18+ that is diagnosed with a chronic severe or persistent mental health diagnosis that impacts functioning level.
  • Have an active medical benefits card from Medicaid or provide self-pay fee of $25 co-pay per class
  • Give informed consent to participate 
  • Be an established patient of Elite DNA Behavioral Health

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Patient Testimonials

“I have learned how to handle things in my life differently. The classes have made me a stronger person. I have become independent of my own decisions and emotions. If I get upset, I look at the good and how to deal with it the right way and not be down, negative, or mad that long. I have also learned to get the most out of my credit and save money, which is very important to me. I have learned to fill out applications correctly and make important decisions like buying a car and getting my own place. The classes have inspired me to connect and deal with all types of people in life (family, friends, significant others, coworkers). I have learned to set and maintain my boundaries. The classes have helped me cope with everyday life and develop skills like making appointments, talking to my doctors, being around people, and being comfortable in my own skin. The program has given me a new outlook on life and more confidence in myself. I would highly recommend anyone to join this program if they want to learn skills that can help you in your life personally, financially, and emotionally”.

-F.S (PSR Member Since November 2021)

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