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Elite DNA Behavioral Health Services

Personalized Support with Targeted Case Management

Targeted Case Management for Medicaid recipients provides coordinated, monitored mental and behavioral health services.


Available at these Elite DNA Behavioral Health Locations:

Fort Myers Metro Therapy & Psychiatry Clinic

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What is Targeted Case Management?

Targeted Case Management is a program that allows our Medicaid clients to receive additional support from our certified behavioral health case managers. This is a community-based services program. Your Case Manager will conduct home visits, school visits, and office appointments as necessary.

Although not an emergency-based services program, we do link participants to local emergency services for after hours and weekend care.

For all our participants, we actively advocate and coordinate services to improve their mental health.

How does Targeted Case Management work?

To qualify for Targeted Case Management, you must have Medicaid and already be receiving mental health services at Elite DNA Behavioral Health at a location where there is a current Case Management Program.

We currently offer Case Management Services at our Fort Myers office.

Your Case Manager will first conduct a strengths-based assessment. This will assist you in identifying your natural supports and determining your case management needs.

In partnership with you, your Case Manager will develop a service plan for collaborative case management goals, addressing each of those areas of need.

Your Case Manager will link and facilitate the appropriate services to reach your desired goals and will monitor the progress made from those services. Your Case Manager will collaborate with all your providers to ensure a comprehensive approach to service delivery.

If needed, your Case Manager can link you to financial resources and will support you in accessing those resources. They will coordinate services for job training, resume building, and accessing employment opportunities.

The goal of Case Management is to teach life skills that give you independence, including providing knowledge of how to access services and how to advocate for yourself.

During the required monthly visit, conducted in your home or in our office, your Case Manager will ensure that your medical needs are being met through your primary care doctor and will assist you in following through with any specialists needed. Your Case Manager will advocate for you and coordinate the services you need to maintain or improve your mental health and ensure medication compliance, if any is prescribed for you.

Targeted Case Management for Children includes the same coordination and monitoring services among providers as described above. Additionally, your Case Manager will monitor your child’s school behavior, attendance, grades, and special accommodations. They will advocate for your child, participating in school meetings and linking to educational services as needed.

Your Case Manager will support both you and your child(ren) in accessing mental and behavioral health services as well as medical services. They will assist you in linking to community resources to reduce your family’s monthly financial expenses. Your Case Manager will ensure your family has access to opportunities for socialization for your child(ren).

Monthly home and school visits are required.

Can Targeted Case Management help me?

Targeted Case Management can result in improved mental health for you, as well as a healthier family and home life for everyone. Targeted Case Management can develop independence and broaden your education. Targeted Case Management can create a sense of fulfillment and acceptance, especially for children and teens as they navigate through school. Targeted Case Management can be instrumental in breaking generational cycles of trauma and substance use. By working collaboratively with you and your family, Targeted Case Management can ensure self-sufficiency for the future.

You deserve to be successful, independent, and happy and our team is equipped to provide you with the support you need to thrive.

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What can I expect from Targeted Case Management at Elite DNA Behavioral Health?

The typical timeframe of our Targeted Case Management program is between 6 months – 1 year.

Talk with your provider at Elite DNA Behavioral Health and they will refer you to our Case Management Program where you will be screened to determine your eligibility for services.

The requirements for enrollment in Targeted Case Management are:

  • Children ages 5+
  • Adults ages 18+
  • Florida resident
  • Medicaid Insurance ONLY
  • Must have a primary mental health diagnosis
  • Is not receiving Case Management services with another provider
  • Receiving mental health services at Elite DNA at our Fort Myers office where there is a current Case Management Program. 
  • Agreeable to monthly visits with Case Manager

You’re Not Alone…We Can Help.

Our Targeted Case Managers at our Fort Myers-Metro office can help provide additional support you need. If you have Medicaid and live in the Southwest Florida area, we can help.

Get Started with Targeted Case Management today.

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