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Elite DNA Behavioral Health Services

Care Coordination

“In a forest of a hundred thousand trees, no two leaves are alike. And no two journeys along the same path are alike.” ― Paulo Coelho


What is Care Coordination?

Care Coordination is your first step on your journey. It is a process that we at Elite DNA Behavioral Health pioneered as part of our comprehensive approach to your care. You begin with a conversation with one of our Care Coordinators. The purpose of this initial meeting is to assess your needs and match you with the provider or multiple providers who can help you reach your goal of better mental health.

How Does Care Coordination Work?

Elite DNA Behavioral Health is staffed with a team of knowledgeable, experienced intake specialists whose sole purpose is to support you throughout your journey to healing. You will be assigned one Care Coordinator who will serve as your advocate, answering any questions you have and providing the information you need to get the most successful results from your treatment. These experts are familiar with all the treatment options available at Elite DNA Behavioral Health and will match you with the right provider (or providers) for you.

young adult talking to a psychiatrist

Can Care Coordination Help Me?

Yes, it can! Care Coordination offers an individual approach that ensures that you are matched with the best provider for you. It is important to us that you feel safe and comfortable with your Care Coordinator and with all the providers recommended to you. Your Care Coordination appointment is a time to express any concerns you may have — this is YOUR journey, and our goal is to help you reach your goal.

What Can I Expect From Care Coordination?

At your first meeting, your Care Coordinator will take a medical history, much like your first appointment with a medical doctor. He or she will help you complete any necessary paperwork to get you ready for your first appointment. This is a big step in your care process, and while it can be exciting, it can also feel overwhelming, confusing, or perhaps downright scary! Your Care Coordinator understands all this and is there to support you all the way. Remember, you are not alone.

You’re Not Alone…We Can Help.

We pioneered our comprehensive approach to behavioral and mental health and provide affordable, quality care for our patients. Our full suite of Care Coordinators, Psychiatrists and Medical Staff, and Therapists are ready to help. Why not give us a call today to schedule your appointment?

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