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Medical Records Request

Whether you’re a healthcare professional or a patient of Elite DNA, we make it easy to gain access to patient medical records.

Request Medical Records in a Few Clicks

Elite DNA is proudly partnered with MediCopy to fulfill our Release of Information (ROI) requests. This partnership makes it easier and quicker than ever for patients to obtain their medical records. MediCopy aims to fulfill all medical records requests within two business days after they are received.

The privacy of your medical information is our top priority. You can rest assured that MediCopy is fully HIPAA compliant, and it follows all federal and state regulations in regard to the release of your medical information. 

How to Obtain Your Medical Records


You can request your medical records by visiting or by following the button below. Medical records requests are provided to you free of charge via fax or email. Printer and mailed requests may be subject to a small fee.

To begin your request online, please provide your email address, and you will be emailed a form to authorize the release of information. Then, MediCopy will process and deliver your request.

Healthcare Professional Requests

To request medical records for a patient, please visit or by following the button below. From there, you can electronically submit your request and attach any necessary supporting documentation from the patient or the patient’s personal representative. Alternatively, you may mail medical records request directly to MediCopy.

Once you submit your request, MediCopy will retrieve and ensure the quality of the records, and then create an invoice, if applicable. The records will then be released to you per your preferred method, including secure emails or MediCopy’s CarePortal.


If you have any questions or are experiencing any issues with your medical records request, please reach out to Medicopy for support.

Online Chat:

Phone: 866-584-6274