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Stacy Hernandez

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Office Location: Orange Park 2 Therapy & Psychiatry Clinic,

Education: Northcentral University

Degree(s): Master of Arts Marriage and Family Therapy

Ethnicity: Black/African-American

Language(s): English

About Stacy Hernandez

I am passionate about therapy and it is my hope that everyone seeks therapy at some point in their lives. I believe that we can journey together in order to find the answers in your life that you seek. Clarity comes with wisdom and wisdom comes in the company of others. Do you worry with anxiety, depression, self-confidence or self-esteem issues? Let’s work together to help you live a new and different life and have a different experience.

I am particularly interested in couples therapy and building relationships with those that are most important in your life. Do you feels like you are in a broken relationship, toxic relationship or a relationship that feels unsatisfying ? You don’t have to live an unsatisfied life, you have the power to have the relationship that you want. In addition to my Masters degree, I also have training in the most relevant and research based treatment modalities in relationship building, re-establishing both physical and emotional connections. Call our office today to make an appointment.

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