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Jenai Hicks

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Office Location: Tallahassee Therapy & Psychiatry Clinic,

Education: Florida State University

Degree(s): Combined M.S./Ed.S in Counseling and Human Systems

Ethnicity: African-American

Language(s): English

About Jenai Hicks

I have been providing therapy for 6 years and while I have specialties, I have experience in many areas outside of those specialties. I have worked in the private practice/agency setting and the prison system. I utilize cognitive behavioral and dialetical behavioral techniques, person/client-centered therapy, motivational interviewing techniques and other techniques as needed to create my eclectic therapy approach. I am client-driven, meaning I am in the passenger seat, guiding and supporting the client, who is in the driver’s seat as we work together to get them to their destination. I believe the client is the expert of their life and I am there to provide my knowledge of counseling and human systems as a way to help them in reaching their treatment goals.

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