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Hannah Payne

Registered Mental health Counselor Intern

Office Location: Port Charlotte 2 Therapy & Psychiatry Clinic,

Education: Capella University

Degree(s): Master of Science - Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Language(s): English

Affiliations: American Counseling Association,

About Hannah Payne

Welcome! My name is Hannah, and as a counselor, one of the first things I strive to do for my clients is provide a safe, non-judgmental space for them to feel comfortable and welcomed. I emphasize that we will be working together as a team, but it is also important for you to understand that your sessions are your OWN. I am here as a helping hand, a guide to help you navigate through this journey you are on. I use an Eclectic form of therapy. While I mainly focus on using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I also include Person-Centered Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Insight Oriented Treatments, different Play Therapy techniques, Solution Focused Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. Effective mental health treatment takes a holistic approach to overall well-being, focusing on physical, mental, and emotional health. I will use the information provided to me to help point out and reshape any thoughts, attitudes, and/or behaviors that could be the root of your presenting concerns and provide the tools needed to see positive lasting changes. As we go through this journey together, I hope to help you achieve personal growth, develop self-awareness and a better understanding of yourself, and create greater trust in yourself to reach your goals and desired well-being.

Services Offered

Children's Mental Health

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Group Therapy

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