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Felicia Carroll

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Office Location: Maitland Therapy & Psychiatry Clinic,

Education: Florida State University

Degree(s): Master of Social Work

Language(s): English

Affiliations: National Association of Social Workers, Academy of Certified Social Workers,

Felicia Carroll, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Maitland

About Felicia Carroll

I strive to create client centered treatment accomplished through positive engagement between the you as the client, and me as your therapist. My experience in the mental health field is comprehensive; I have worked in therapy offices, inpatient facilities, aftercare programs, residential and correctional facilities that all contributed to my understanding of the human experience and how we navigate the business of life. My perspective is that although my clients differ in many ways, there are so many common characteristics among all of us.
In therapy with me, we can work on short term problem resolution or I can provide longer term care for those who have chronic, long term diagnoses. I support psycho-education and the normalizing of mental health diagnoses. I believe that embracing these two concepts increases success in symptom relief and stabilization. Positive mental health is available to those who seek it!

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