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Christopher Murphy

Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern

Office Location: Jupiter Therapy & Psychiatry Clinic,

Certifications: CBT Trauma, CBT Anxiety, LGBTQ Internalzed Homophobia, Oncology Navigation,

Education: St. Leo University, University of Rochester, St. Bonaventure University

Degree(s): MSW, M.ED, BA Journalism

Ethnicity: Irish

Language(s): English

Affiliations: ASWB,

About Christopher Murphy

I am well versed in treating depression and anxiety in many groups: older adolescents, millennials, gay men and women, older adults and, geriatric populations. I believe that there is more right with you than wrong! I am an active participant in your care and work together with you to help you find peace. I do this using theory, practice experience, faith and humor!

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Trauma Therapy

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