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Blair Grant

Registered Clinical Social Work Intern

Office Location: Stuart Therapy & Psychiatry Clinic,

Certifications: DBT-A,

Education: University of Central Florida

Degree(s): Masters in Social Work

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Language(s): English

About Blair Grant

I am here to help guide our time together, but I like to ensure that we are on the path that you feel your life needs at that time. I enjoy working with individuals who are looking to create some more balance in their relationships and environment whether it be personal, work, or school related.

The kinds of challenges I enjoy working with would be in many areas including: worry or anxiety, stress management, interpersonal relationships, depression or sadness, school, focus, trauma, and more. Overall, collaborating with you to find a productive way to interact with others and your environment to create a more ideal experience.

Services Offered

Children's Mental Health

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