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Experience the Benefits of Substance Use Treatment

Compassionate Outpatient Substance Use Treatment

Substance Use Treatment offers a pathway to a brighter future by providing personalized care, support, and the tools needed to overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery.


What is outpatient Substance Use Treatment?

Substance use disorder (SUD) occurs when a person’s brain and behaviors limit their ability to control their use of legal or illegal substances. People with SUD may have issues with alcohol, recreational, “street,” or synthetic drugs, and even prescribed medications.

Outpatient substance use treatment includes a range of customized mental health services aimed at helping individuals overcome drug addiction or other problematic substance use to achieve lasting recovery. 

Specific services offered will vary depending on your needs and circumstances. 

At Elite DNA Behavioral Health, you’ll work with a dedicated team that can coordinate care between our providers, your healthcare professionals, and your substance use treatment center if you have received inpatient care.

Some options often used in outpatient substance use treatment include:

  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT): MAT involves the use of medications prescribed by a psychiatrist or a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner to manage any withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings for substances.
  • Behavioral therapy: Behavioral therapy, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) help you identify and change negative thoughts and behaviors related to substance use.
  • Psychotherapy: Talk therapy can provide you with support, guidance, and a safe space to explore the underlying issues that may have contributed to your substance use.
  • Group therapy: Group therapy provides a supportive environment where you can share your experiences and receive feedback from others. Our group therapy offerings are helpful for individuals with conditions that co-occur to substance use, like depression and anxiety.

A holistic approach to outpatient Substance Use Treatment

Our providers look at everything like your sleeping habits, lifestyle, medical treatments, and what your body and mind are experiencing as you work toward recovery from a substance use disorder. 

We also take appropriate steps to treat any other co-occurring mental health disorders you may be experiencing as a result of, or that have developed from, your substance use.

Successful outpatient care for substance use typically includes a combination of evidence-based approaches. We always take a holistic approach to developing your outpatient treatment plan. 

We may recommend: 

How important is family or intimate partner support in recovery from substance use?

Family and intimate partner support can play a crucial role in the treatment of substance use. 

Research has shown that people who have a strong support system, including family and intimate partners, are more likely to maintain their sobriety or moderation goals and achieve better outcomes in treatment.

A supportive family or intimate partner can provide a sense of stability and security, which can be essential during the recovery process. Involving family and intimate partners in the treatment process can help improve communication and repair damage to relationships that may have been caused by substance use.

Family therapy and couples counseling can also be helpful in addressing any underlying issues that may have contributed to the substance use by improving overall family or relationship function.

It’s important to note not all family members or partners may be supportive of recovery efforts initially. In these cases, limiting contact and seeking support from other sources such as group therapy or well-established peer support groups may be the better course of action.

How does adolescent outpatient substance use treatment differ from adult focused care?

Adolescents often face different challenges than adults when it comes to substance use and addiction. The most common being peer pressure and a still-developing brain.

Because of these social and physiological realities, substance use treatment for teens needs to address these specific concerns by considering both chronological age and current developmental stage.

Teen focused substance use treatment plans may place a stronger emphasis on family involvement. Care plans may also incorporate educational or recreational activities designed to address the emotional and social needs of younger people.

Regardless of their age, effective substance use treatment programs will vary depending on a person’s specific needs and circumstances as well as any co-occurring mental health conditions.

Where can I receive Suboxone in Florida?

Select physicians and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners in Elite DNA’s Fort Myers, Naples and Venice offer Suboxone treatment for adults.

These providers have undergone additional training and certification in order to offer buprenorphine therapy to patients.

Buprenorphine is used in medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help manage withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings for opioids. 

In order to hold prescribing privileges for buprenorphine, providers must meet all the stringent requirements to obtain a “Suboxone waiver” from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).  Elite DNA Behavioral Health is pleased to offer MAT as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for OUD.

What can I expect from Substance Use Treatment at Elite DNA Behavioral Health?

Our outpatient substance use treatment is designed to help you overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery by treating you holistically using an evidence-based approach.

Your individualized treatment plan will not only help you manage withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings, it can also improve your overall physical and mental health. If you have any co-occurring disorders or conditions, those will be addressed as part of your overall mental health and wellness plan. 

In counseling sessions, you’ll gain increased understanding and insights into underlying issues that may have contributed to your substance use. Substance use treatment can provide you with the communication tools you need to repair damaged relationships and build stronger, healthier connections with your loved ones.

You’ll develop strategies for successfully avoiding relapse behaviors. The ultimate goal of any substance use treatment plan is to help you reduce or eliminate substance use and maintain your sobriety or moderation goals over the long term.

By overcoming your addictive behaviors and achieving your lasting recovery goals, you can experience improved health, increased self-esteem, and a higher quality of life overall.

Of course, the outcomes of outpatient substance use treatment will vary depending on your needs and circumstances.  With the right support it is absolutely possible to attain lasting recovery and to enjoy a brighter future.

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