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Community-Based Wraparound Services

Community-Based Wraparound services are designed to support children and their caregivers and families who have unique needs. This therapy allows for a tailored approach to care, that can be designed to meet the child’s needs overtime 


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What is Community-Based Wraparound Services?

Community-Based Wraparound is an individualized care planning and management service for children with complex needs. It includes structured, creative team meetings and care plans designed to meet the unique needs of children, caregivers, and families. Wraparound team meetings include a child’s treatment team, social support, non-traditional support, and family members. 

How Does Community-Based Wraparound Services Work?

Services are provided at flexible times and locations to accommodate the child’s and family’s needs. Treatment Plans are frequently reviewed and updated. The emphasis is on integrating and maintaining the child in the community and building the child’s and family’s support network.

Removing Barriers to Accessing Mental Health Care in the BIPOC Community

What are the requirements?

The program requires a diagnosis of Serious Emotional Disturbance or Diversion to Higher Levels of Residential Care. Examples of these can include the following: 

  • Previous baker acts 
  • Mobile crisis calls 
  • DCF involvement 
  • Suicidal/homicidal ideation 
  • Law enforcement involvement 
  • Multiple school referrals 
  • Step down from state inpatient hospital  

What Can I Expect From Community-Based Services Wraparound?

You can expect there to be stages of Wraparound. These stages include Team Preparation, Initial Plan Development, Implementation of the Plan, and Transition. It is a collaborative effort to develop an individualized care plan to help the child or youth. It is beneficial for engagement and cooperativity in the process. Changes to their plan can be made to effectively work toward success overtime and to ensure they are working toward the goals the child or youth is trying to achieve.

Families must commit to a visit once per week and a team meeting once per month.

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Currently only available for families who live in Lee County. 

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