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Natalie Kutlin

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Office Location: Weston Therapy & Psychiatry Clinic,

Education: Florida Atlantic University

About Natalie Kutlin

Hi, I’m Natalie, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 10 years of experience working in mental health. I have served and treated individuals suffering from mental illness such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Major Depression, Anxiety, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in an outpatient and inpatient residential treatment facility. I have led and conducted group therapy in a Pscyhosocial Rehabilitation day program setting, which is a group that teaches daily living skills and provides support. I am qualified to teach mindfulness skills, a therapeutic intervention to practice managing stress, mental health, physical ailments by separating the individual from the stressor and emotions attached to the problem. Through mindfulness, you can see your true sense of self and purpose. I also love to teach my clients breath work and meditation to reduce stress and use as a regular coping skill. My job is to provide you with a lifetime supply of tools to manage your illness and continue to live a productive and meaningful life. My goal is to support you and shine a light on your strengths!

Services Offered

Group Therapy

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