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Alyssia Boldin

Licensed Clinical Social Work

Office Location: Lakeland Therapy & Psychiatry Clinic,

Education: Southeastern University

Degree(s): Master of Social Work, Bachelors of Social Work

Ethnicity: BIPOC

About Alyssia Boldin

Alyssia has been a passionate advocate in the field of social work for over five years. While being a registered intern, she has tirelessly worked with those who live with persistent mental illness, homelessness, the foster care system, as well as acute psychiatric hospitalization. She utilizes trauma-informed approaches to be able to meet each patient where they are in their journey. Alyssia believes every individual should be given an environment that is nonjudgmental, a safe space to be able to process their experiences, and a willing heart that can come alongside one in their navigation toward mental health and wellness.

Services Offered

Children's Mental Health

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