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Elite DNA Launches ‘Live Scheduling Chat’ Service For New Patients


Elite DNA Behavioral Health is launching a ‘Live Scheduling Chat’ service for new patients. The service is designed to help new patients get started on their mental health journey in an approachable way by providing convenient access for scheduling an appointment. While the scheduling chat is not an emergency hotline, it connects new patients to a friendly and helpful New Patient Liaison, who will promptly schedule the patient’s first appointment through the scheduling chat.

New patients can fill out the form on Elite DNA’s website and get connected with a liaison for scheduling in a matter of minutes. Patients should prepare to review their symptoms and provider preferences in order to be matched with services and providers.

“Live Scheduling Chat is another tool that aligns with our mission of providing accessible mental health care, and we are excited to expand this new offering for incoming patients,” said Elizabeth Dosoretz, LCSW, founder and CEO of Elite DNA Behavioral Health, who created the company in 2013 following her own journey with postpartum depression. “By limiting barriers to mental health care and increasing access to a professional network of support, we are able to better meet the growing need for mental and behavioral health care in our community.”

The Live Scheduling Chat is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. To learn more about Elite DNA and its services, visit

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